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Ann Bookman

University of Massachusets Boston
Senior Fellow, McCormack Graduate School
I am a poet, an anthropologist and a social justice advocate.  I live in Boston and am a Senior Fellow at the McCormack Graduate School of Public Policy and Global Studies. From 2013-18, I was. a member of the faculty and served as. Director of the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy.

I published a chapbook, Point of Attachment, with Finishing Line Press in 2012.  My first full collection, Blood Lines, will be published soon by Kelsay Books. (kelsaybooks.com)

Blood Lines, is both a family history and an inquiry in genetics and epigenetics, interrogating the tension between fate and randomness. The narrative element is captured in a series of prose poems about women in mymaternal line who carry a genetic mutation associated with a highly elevated risk of breast and ovarian cancer. The poems spring from an internal struggle to embrace life fully while navigating a deep channel of uncertainty. The boundary between the living and the dead is at times permeable: a combination of memory, conscious and unconscious, and inexplicable visitations. This volume uncovers the resilient strength of unseen connections and inheritance across five generations.
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